Wolf Pack Eliminated After Livestock Killings

By Beacon Staff

Federal wildlife officials have killed the remaining wolves of the Hog Heaven Pack near Kalispell because of continued livestock depredations.

Officials for USDA Wildlife Services shot 19 wolves over three days — two on Wednesday, eight on Thursday and nine on Friday.

Jim Williams, a wildlife manager for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said the pack’s range included parts west and southwest of Kalispell. Trappers shot the wolves in the Brown’s Meadow and Niarada areas.

The decision to kill the wolves was made jointly by FWP and Wildlife Services after steps failed to stem cattle depredations. The pack has been involved in eight livestock killings over the last few months. The latest occurred Nov. 18 when the pack killed a 2-year-old bull near Kila.

A total of 27 wolves have now been removed from the pack.