Big Picture Trend Continues

By Beacon Staff

The popularity of the “big picture blog” is growing with Photo District News launching its new Photo of the Day section.

Already made popular by the Denver Post, the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe sites, photographers are very excited to be able to publish their photographs much larger online. Many personal blogs I have found, mostly using Blogspot and WordPress, are also pushing the size envelope – which usually involves a little html rewrite. There has been a little criticism in he past about which started doing it first, but it’s not worth revisiting. The final product is fantastic. Large pictures that capture the viewer and breathe life into the image by giving them the space they deserve. It’s worth experiencing.

See the new PDN Photo of the Day (here).
See Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture” (here), Denver Post’s “Captured” (here) and the Wall Street Journal’s “Photo Journal” (here).