Planning Board Holds Doughnut Takeover Meeting

By Beacon Staff

The Flathead County Planning Board will hold a public hearing Wednesday evening on shifting all land in Whitefish’s “doughnut area” from city to county zoning designations.

In March, the county voted to rescind a 2005 inter-local agreement that transferred final land-use and zoning power in the doughnut from the county to the city. The city sued the county, in a case that appears to be heading toward the state supreme court. In the meantime, Flathead County is continuing its plans for taking over jurisdiction of the two-mile planning and zoning area surrounding the city, aiming to choose county designations that closely match the existing designations on lots and parcels there.

The meeting will be at 6 p.m. in the Earl Bennett Building in Kalispell. Maps showing the proposed zoning designations within the new zoning district are available for public review in the Flathead County Planning & Zoning Office, 1035 First Avenue West, in Kalispell.