A Creative Ride Through the Getty Images Archive

By Beacon Staff

Archiving images can be a challenge for any organization. Here at the Beacon I have set up a simple, although seemingly complicated, system of numbering, labeling, hard drive filling and CD burning. I keep all our raw takes and am usually able to reference them with ease. But we are a relatively new organization with only two years of archive. I can’t imagine an organization like Getty Images, with an archive that reaches back to the birth of photography.

Short & Sweet teamed up with Getty Images with film challenge highlighting images from Getty’s Hulton Archive. The winners were announced at the end of last month.

The challenges aim was to highlight the breadth and depth of content available at the Hulton Archive, which offers a unique resource to filmmakers and creatives alike. But rather than set a rigid brief, the challenge offered key words and phrases as prompters to guide the filmmakers creativity. Examples of these prompters included discover our past, images that shape our future, still & moving imagery, ordinary people, ordinary things and extraordinary people, extraordinary things.

– according to a post by the Hulton Archive (here).

“Photograph of Jesus” by Laurie Hill is my favorite. It highlights, in a kind of animated way, the unusual requests by news organizations and filmmakers for certain images.

Photograph of Jesus by Laurie Hill in association with the Getty Images Short & Sweet Film Challenge from Hulton Archive on Vimeo.