Keep Vents, Roofs Free of Snow

By Beacon Staff

In light of all the snow we’re getting right now, I thought this press release from the Kalispell Fire Department was a timely reminder:

The Kalispell Fire Department is reminding business owners and homeowners that steps may be needed to clear roof exhaust, or chimney vents. Snow loads may be deep enough to cover these exhaust vents; blocking these vents may allow poisonous furnace exhaust gas to seep back into the structure.

In addition to roof top vents, roof drain vents on flat roofs may become blocked due to ice buildup. Clearing roof top drains on a flat roof is important with heavy snow loads. Snow loads may be approaching critical weight on certain structures such as retail store front awnings, porch overhangs, lean-tos and some carports. Preventative maintenance now may be critical in avoiding a disaster later.

Use extreme caution on or near rooftops with snow: If a business owner or homeowner has any questions concerning snow load on their roof there are encouraged to contact a private contractor or snow removal specialist for assistance.

Lastly, please keep fire hydrants clear, and readily available, in times of heavy snowfall.