Kalispell Towing Snow-Bound Cars

By Beacon Staff

Beware: If your car is parked on the street and surrounded by snow, it’s in danger of being towed.

The Kalispell Police Department issued a press release this morning, saying it will be identifying and towing vehicles parked on public streets that have allowed substantial snow to build up around them. According to the release, the Kalispell Fire Department had difficulty responding to a residential fire yesterday because of snow-covered cars parked on the street nearby. From the release:

Remember the city forbids vehicles from being stored on public streets – “stored” is defined as not being used at least every 72 hours and the vehicle must be in running condition.

If your vehicle is buried in snow, hindering snow removal or being stored on the street it is at risk of being towed to allow city plow crews to clear the streets prior to the forecasted freezing rain over the next few days. If your vehicle is towed the tow bill is your responsibility.

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