We All Have Stories to Tell

By Beacon Staff

This is the perfect example of what I love about telling stories using all the technology available.

The New York Times recently launched a new multimedia project titled One in 8 Million. It is not just that the images are wonder or that the audio is crisp and clear. It’s more than the simple user-friendly interface and fantastic design. It’s when all these tools come together and tell an intriguing story that I see the benefit of multimedia pieces and Web content. Let me reiterate the most important part: They tell good stories.

Good storytelling is worth more than the sum of its parts. When all the tools elevate and support the story, I get excited about the direction of our business.

Click here to go to the NY Times One in 8 Million and learn about Joel Karp: The Corner Druggist, Freda Degannes: The Walking Miracle and Michel Kramer-Metraux: The Wedding Wardrober. Three people that can remind us that everyone in our community has a story to tell.