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Flathead County Sheriff’s and Kalispell Police Reports

Dogs on the Log

By Julius Macker

On Monday, Jan. 12. the Flathead County 911 dispatch center handled 152 calls – 13 of which were dog related.

8:11 a.m. The day began with a pooch in the roadway on Montana Highway 40.

8:40 a.m. A dog was heard barking at the corner of West Cottonwood and Sleepy Hallow.

8:54 a.m. A Pit Bull was captured and taken to the animal shelter after it reportedly killed a sheep, or multiple sheep.

9:10 a.m. Another dog, resembling a pit bull, was standing near some calves on Windsong Lane off Smith Lake Road. Reportedly the dog had blood around its mouth.

9:41 a.m. A dog was at large on Many Lakes Drive.

10:17 a.m. Several more dogs were tied up.

11:40 a.m. A German Shepherd and a Shepherd-cross were hanging out in front of the doors at an Evergreen school. A school official thought they were vicious.

11:48 a.m. A was dog barking on Krause Lane.

1:45 p.m. Some Labradors were taken into custody by an animal warden. They were near some dumpsters.

1:52 p.m. Reportedly, a golden German Shepherd and a black lab were running loose near School Addition Road in Somers. They were thought to be a road hazard.

2:11 p.m. Dogs were barking in Olney.

3:50 p.m. In the Happy Valley area, dogs were barking.

6:31 p.m. A dog was found on Many Lakes Drive.

9:21 p.m. An animal warden reported that a side mirror of their vehicle had been damaged. They didn’t know how. They were on a dog call.

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