Bigfork Gym Offers Free Memberships for Laid Off Workers

By Beacon Staff

Bigfork’s Montana Athletic Club is offering free gym memberships for both members and non-members who have recently lost their jobs in the Bigfork area.

According to a press release from the fitness facility, current MAC members who are primary providers for their family and were laid off since December 2008 are eligible for up to four months free membership for themselves and current family members. Non-members who meet similar requirements are eligible for up to two months free membership for themselves and qualifying family members.

“The Montana Athletic Club has been part of the fabric of Bigfork for 15 years,” Dough Mahlum, CEO of the MAC, said in a release. “This community has supported us and now we have the opportunity to return the favor. A person who has lost their job can become quite stressed – working out helps relieve that stress.”

Unemployment and primary provider status will be verified by MAC, and if a member gets a new job, MAC asks to be notified so they can offer the program to another person in need. For more information, contact the athletic club at (406)837-2582 and speak with one of the membership coordinators, Nancy, Laura or Angela.