For the Third Time, Tester Votes Against Bailout

By Beacon Staff

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, for the third time, voted against using federal bailout money. The Senate Thursday voted 52-42 in favor of releasing the second half of the controversial $700-billion financial rescue funds. The passage was widely viewed as a victory for President-elect Obama, who had pressured Congress to release additional money as more of America’s financial giants begin to wobble.

Tester voted “no,” and he is the only Senate Democrat to vote against both bailouts for Wall Street and a bailout for the auto industry. When Tester visited the Beacon last month, he said he voted against the first financial bailout because he couldn’t find anyone who could tell him “it would do any good.” Following Thursday’s vote, he said the following:

“Montana and America need more jobs, not more bailouts. I voted against the Wall Street bailout because I had major concerns about the unprecedented cost to taxpayers and the lack of accountability. I’m still concerned.

“It’s time to rebuild our economy from the ground up by investing in jobs and long-term infrastructure that will repay us for generations to come. I look forward to working with the new President and the new Congress to get the job done.”

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