Interactive Panorama: Setting the Inauguration Stage

By Beacon Staff

I am jealous of my friends who are making the journey to the U.S. Capitol for Tuesday’s inauguration. A few will be there to witness history; a few will be there to cover the event for the media. Either way, I wish I could be there.

That being said, the The Washington Post has a superb interactive panorama on their Web site titled The Preparers: Setting the Stage for the Inauguration of the 44th President (here). Using the relatively new collage tool by VUVOX (here), the Post takes us around the Capitol with images and video of construction and video features on “The Band,” “The Vendor” and “The Drivers”

Some of the collage pieces come alive as looping video that gives an attractive motion contrasted with the surrounding still images.

I remember reading about VUVOX Collage a while back. I watched all of their tutorials and checked out each example they provided. But I dismissed it as something that, although cool, I would never use. Shame on me for not looking or thinking beyond my initial reaction.

The Post’s project is an outstanding way to create an informative and interesting news package around a series of video profiles. Easy to navigate, well thought out and the stories are well told. I especially enjoyed “The Band” piece.

See the project by Ben de la Cruz and Alexandra Garcia (here).