“Wild” Klondike Derby challenges Scouts

By Beacon Staff

Boy Scouts from Ronan, Kalispell, Polson, Bigfork, Whitefish and Columbia Falls took part in the largest Northwest District Klondike Derby in recent memory this weekend. No matter who I asked, no one could remember a larger crowd of boys at this weekend’s annual winter camping event just outside of Martin City.

Webelos Scouts and Boy Scouts took part in activities that included fire starting, finding their way to a specific set of destinations guided only by a compass – while blindfolded so you could only see the compass, snow sumo wrestling and lashing together a travois to traverse an alligator-infested river.

After those and other challenges had been tackled (including lunch), it was time for the traditional Klondike sled race, where Scouts race handmade Northwest Passage styled sleds across a large snow field. The sleds carry one Scout passenger and are pulled by the remainder of the Scout patrol.

To close out the day’s activities, the Scouts split into two groups of over 50 kids and faced off in a tug-o-war. After the youth tug was over, they challenged the adult Scout leaders to a pull-off, which the adults *barely* won.

Troop 41’s Andrew, Kolton and Jacob give it their all during the Scout-vs-Scout tug of war.
Adults find muscles they might not have used in a while, as the Scouts give them more than they bargained for in the Scout vs Adult tug of war.
While the Scouts were competing in the snow, the adult leaders of Kalispell’s Troop 33 and Pack 44 spent all day Saturday in the cook tent cutting meat and cooking in preparation for their annual Wild Game Feed.
Marc Spratt sears some elk before it goes into the barbeque pot.
Troop 33 and Pack 44 leaders work the meatball assembly line as the architect for this tradition – Gene Thomas – sits in the back of the tent carving meat.

Later in the day, Troop 33 organized the potluck wild game dinner for well over 100. Visitors to the buffet style food fest found piles of elk, whitetail and muley venison ribs, chunks and meatballs – as well as a big spread of salads, desserts and Carl Sobczak’s famous Troop 41 latkes, complete with sour cream and applesauce.

If you’re interested in finding a Boy Scout Troop or Cub Scout Pack in your area, call Sue Holst at 261-9413.

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