A Historical Inauguration for Photography Too

By Beacon Staff

Among the hundreds of thousands of photographs taken during the Presidential inauguration by cell phones, point-and-shoots, professional and amateur photographers, one image was made today that had never been taken before.

With a little extra effort and a whole lot of planning, Chuck Kennedy, from the McClatchy-Tribune Photo Service, made a photograph of President Barack Obama taking the oath of office, “that’s never been shot or seen before,” according to a National Press Photographer Association story (here).

Kennedy mounted a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and wireless transmitter inside a “customized” Pelican case and connected it to a Bogen arm on the inaugural stage. The camera was fired through a hardwired connection to eliminate radio interference.

Of course this was all after showing photos of the stage from previous inaugurations then testing out the idea after the stage was built and showing the images to the Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee and the Senate Press Photographers’ Gallery to prove it would not interfere and that the images would be dramatic.

According to the NPPA article and McClatchy senior editor Linda Epstein, the remote shot is closer than any camera has been during the inaugural oath.

See the photograph and read the article (here).