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Wanted Man Turns Himself In

By Julius Macker

A 35-year-old man, who shot himself in the foot during an attempted robbery nearly two years ago, turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday.

Rodney Silsbee was arrested initially after he reportedly pistol whipped a homeowner and demanded money from persons allegedly dealing drugs.

Apparently, Silsbee fired a warning shot into the floor during the incident but it wasn’t until several days later, during his booking, that a detention officer noticed a wound on his foot.
Silsbee then, according to the Flathead County Sheriff’s office, told authorities he had shot himself.

During an initial investigation, the homeowner was adamant that Silsbee had fired a round. Investigators, however, could not find a bullet, or hole, until they questioned Silsbee.

The hole was located on Silsbee’s foot and the bullet was still lodged in his shoe.

It’s not certain why Silsbee turned himself. He had warrants out for his arrest totaling $120,000.