Video Short: One Artist’s Self-Reflection Echos My Own

By Beacon Staff

I have been doubting myself lately. I do almost every February. Inspiration is cyclical for me. Sometimes it feels like I could go out into the world, drop my camera and get an image I’m proud of. Other times, times like these, I feel like I’m constantly pushing the stone uphill with immense thought and purpose, only to see the stone roll back into the valley below. It’s something I’ve heard most friends say they have felt at one time or another.

I know I’m not alone in the feeling of constantly having to re-imagine oneself, but I have not heard it said better than in this short film “Transform” by Atlanta photographer Zack Arias. He has given me permission to publish it here. It is a beautiful essay on self-reflection, self-doubt and ultimately on understanding how fortunate we are. Please watch. And check out Zack Arias (here).

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