Warning: This is an Advertisement Worth Watching

By Beacon Staff

I very well may be playing right into the hands of Honda here, and I will admit upfront that this is basically an advertisement. But these productions are fantastic.

Honda has produced three short films on, well … Honda. Its Web site dreams.honda.com (here) informs us that there are more on the way in the coming months. Of the “Dream the Impossible Documentary Series,” you can currently view: “Failure: The Secret to Success,” “Kick Out the Ladder” and “Mobility,” which is embedded below. (Beware, the video plays automatically.)

Advertisement or not, the productions are a great watch. “Mobility” is based around the question, “How will people get around in 80 years?” It’s a worthwhile question that seems to throw off every interviewee – including one of my favorite directors Christopher Guest. The video seems to be the only one of the three to ask a more unbiased question while “Failure: The Secret to Success” is more of a pro-Honda bravado.

I don’t know if this kind of production is going to be a trend among companies. Maybe it’s just a way Honda is using the Web to make themselves look good. You have to be skeptical when a company decides to make “documentary” shorts on their own company. But the point is, these are all very well produced. Ideal choice of music, great film work, flawless lighting and editing. If only all Web ads were this good.