Places: Pick’s Bowling Center

By Beacon Staff

Spare little time and strike out for the lanes at Pick’s Bowling Center in Bigfork.

The center opened this past December and is quickly becoming a destination for amateur and serious bowlers alike.

Immaculate marble floors stretch the length of the alleys between the carpet and hardwood. And with no stairs to maneuver, lanes are accessible to all ages and abilities.

For about a dollar more per game take advantage of the “boutique area” where the usual tables and chairs are replaced by comfortable couch seating with coat hangers and nicer end tables.

“It’s just like bowling in your front room,” said manager Nick Kartheiser.

The new facility is an ideal place for birthday parties or family outings. The new equipment is clean and the bowling area is smoke free.

“The service is great and the rates are good,” said bowler Kalen Jongeling.

How to get there:
From downtown Kalispell, head south on U.S. Highway 93. Turn east on Montana Highway 82. Pick’s Bowling Center is located near the intersection of Highway 82 and Montana Highway 35 north of Bigfork.