Every Journalist Twitters

By Beacon Staff

Every journalist Twitters. Or so it seems. I personally have yet to participate in the never-ending stream of answers to the question “What are you doing?” I don’t want to add this to my ever-growing list of excuses to never leave my desk – I’m neglecting mobile devices as well. I already check dozens of blogs a day as well as updating my own two blogs for the three people that read religiously.

The Twitter has been ongoing in one of my Yahoo groups, which is primarily made up of journalists and friends who I used to work with in Chattanooga and now are spread across the country. They all Twitter. I don’t. They maintain it is a way to find sources, find stories and keep tabs on the community they cover. We’ll see.

I knew the popularity among journos had exploded, but I was still shocked (and awed) to see the masthead on the editorial page of the March 19, 2009, Chicago Tribune, advertising their Twittering. Maybe I am the last to jump in these superfluous waters.

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