By Beacon Staff launched last week and I finally had a chance to check it out for myself. At first, I wasn’t enthusiastic about the page design. After bouncing around from link to link for about a half hour, I realized that the Web developers did a perfect job of always presenting me with another enticing link and kept me on the site much long than I originally planned.

As a fan of different Web site’s “Week in Pictures” or other like feature galleries, I really enjoy the “Today’s Top Photos” as their center package. Two sections I’m not sure how I feel about: a) “Real or Fake?” where you decide if an image has been manipulated and b) “Would You Rather See…” where you choose between two images of equal wackiness such as, “Would you rather see… twins with matching beards or twins with matching fish?” or “One dog jumping through two rings of fire or two guys jumping off America’s second highest bridge?” These sections aren’t a sophisticated way to spend time, but I couldn’t stop clicking so that says something I guess.

No matter what, the site it worth spending some time on and is an opportunity to browse through some very historic images as well as new additions to photojournalism’s elite.

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