Poll: 73 Percent of Montanans Support Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act

By Beacon Staff

That’s according to Harstad Strategic Research, Inc., which was hired by supporters of the bill to conduct telephone surveys between July 27 and 29. Trout Unlimited sent out a press release announcing the results Tuesday:

“Montana hunters and anglers have long wanted to see progress in management of our public lands, to help improve fish and wildlife habitat and ensure that our children and grandchildren can carry on this long- standing Montana tradition,” says Tom Reed of Trout Unlimited. “This poll shows that Montanans all across the board want that, too,” he says, adding, “This new poll shows that a wide swath of Montanans from all walks of life, all recreational uses, and all industries want good jobs, healthy fish and wildlife habitats, and forests protected from wildfire and beetle-kill.”

With the partisan climate in Washington, D.C., as the debate slogs on over health care reform, Montana Sen. Jon Tester must have especially appreciated these results: