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Flathead County Sheriff’s and Kalispell Police Reports

Wireless Fido and an Elastic Weapon

By Heather Jurva

Wednesday 8/26

8:45 a.m. Approximately $1000 was stolen from an automotive dealer in Kalispell.

8:52 a.m. Two small children, one in a diaper and both unclothed, were seen wandering into Highway 35 near a local motel. The children’s mother was found and cited for child endangerment.

10:38 a.m. A stranger recently entered the home of an elderly woman on Edgewood Drive through a sliding glass door. No items were taken from the home.

11:25 a.m. A Lakeside meter reader reports that someone has been stealing electricity. The thief’s means of doing so is currently unknown.

12:10 p.m. On Birch Drive, an 11-year-old boy threw things at his sister and called his mother vulgar names. Authorities assisted in calming the child and resolving the situation.

12:37 p.m. Someone called to report an incident of animal abuse on McMannamy Draw. According to this individual, “Jehovah’s Witnesses” approached his home and did something to his dog with a remote control.

1:22 p.m. An individual on Church Drive sustained massive injuries when his hand was caught in a farm auger. The victim was transported to KRMC.

1:35 p.m. A strange man lurked suspiciously in his car at a local cemetery. Authorities arrived to find that the individual was merely taking a nap.

2:46 p.m. Several goats ran amok on Wagner Lane but returned home before authorities arrived.

4:48 p.m. Four teenage boys harassed a subject in a motor home parked at an Evergreen box store. The miscreants were gone before authorities arrived.

4:52 p.m. A disabled vehicle partially blocked Highway 2 near Marion. The vehicle was hastily relocated.

5:47 p.m. An intoxicated pedestrian ambled southward in the northbound lane of Highway 93 near Whitefish but was gone when authorities arrived.

6:18 p.m. Someone claims that their former landlord “flipped him the bird” and made numerous unwanted suggestive comments.

7:06 p.m. An apartment was ransacked and electronics stolen on Grand Avenue. The reporting party later cancelled the complaint for unknown reasons.

7:40 p.m. A resident of Lee Road in Bigfork assumed that their Norwegian elk hound had been stolen when the dog, chain and stake mysteriously went missing. The dog was later located and had simply escaped.

7:50 p.m. Someone on Larch Lane decided to toss garbage into his neighbor’s yard. The neighbor did not appreciate this behavior.

7:52 p.m. A dumpster blazed at the county landfill but was quickly extinguished.

9:30 p.m. The propane apparatus of a barbecue grill caught fire in Columbia Falls. The blaze was contained to the location of the grill and no individuals were harmed.

9:46 p.m. An intoxicated man wandered into the driveway of a Lakeside home. The confused gentleman evidently had no idea where he was.

9:48 p.m. Someone was reported threatening people with a bungee cord on an Amtrak passenger train. She was removed from the car and treated to a mental health evaluation.

10:42 p.m. A man and woman yelled at one another on Abbot Village Drive.

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