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By Beacon Staff

It seems that the times they are a changing, jobs are becoming harder to find and even harder to hold. So if your out there job hunting and setting up interviews, follow these four rules to give yourself a boost in the market: specifically dealing with your clothes, attitude, homework and Q&A face time. Let me just preface, I have been on 20 or so interviews in my life and I am only 25. Also, I have been working since I was 13 years old and no, I have never been fired, so I feel I have some experience in this department.

As for your outfit, you want to dress like you are already working there. If your not sure what that looks like, scope out the premises before your scheduled interview and observe the others working. If it is a toss up between jeans or dress pants go for the dress pants. It is always better to be over-dressed then under. Guys go for a khaki or a trouser pant with a button-down shirt. Ladies pair your Mary Jane’s with a dress pant or pencil skirt. Top it with a sweater and broche or button-down shirt. Don’t forget personal hygiene is a must for your interview, that means clean nails, ears, and face kids.

Your attitude is the next characteristic that is noticed. Walk into an interview with your shoulders back and your head held high. This is one way to show confidence without being arrogant. Eye contact is another important part of showing off your personality. When you are asked a question, answer it with confidence looking at the interviewer. Try to avoid looking down when speaking, it shows that your are not secure with your answer or yourself.

Doing your homework is very important before interviewing. Study the position/company you are applying for. The employer will appreciate the time you took to do so. If the job description is vague, research different titles with similarities so you can be well prepared.

The Q&A part of an interview is where most people get nervous. So before you go, test yourself or have a friend do it with you. There will be questions like what are strengths and weaknesses, how do you handle stressful situations, what are your pet peeves, etc. Be sure to bring questions with you. An employer will look at you more seriously because you are that more interested. Lastly, if you are picking up or dropping off an application, (with a resume) unless it specifies you do not need one, your appearance is as important here as your sit down interview. You do not need to be in a suit necessarily, but you should be well kept. Now, go get that job!

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