Cost-Efficient Shopping?

By Beacon Staff

I will be the first one to raise my hand and say I am always looking for a great deal. When I walk into a store, 95 percent of the time I head for the sale section and then I travel around to see what else looks good. I am sure like many of you, I prefer to get the most out of my money so therefore the more items purchased for less is usually a good day. But is this kind of shopping hurting our economy? When shopping at discounted stores (food included) we are training ourselves and the economy to think on somewhat of a one track mind, quantity not quality. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself is that what you really want? Personally, I want my new jeans to last me at least a year, not a month after I buy them. If I add up all of the inexpensive items (under 50 bucks) I have purchased in my life that have been disposable within a year, I am sure I would at least be $5,000 dollars in the hole. If I had shopped wisely and spent more money at a time on quality pieces rather than quantity, I could still own most of those items today. It is a little disheartening to think, but it is a reality that we all should learn from.

The question is how do you stop? Being aware of what your purchasing and not buying just because it is on sale is a good way to start. Start by purchasing investment pieces which means pieces that will transfer from season to season. Find brands that work for you and let yourself indulge in them. Make sure the quality of the garment is taken into consideration as well as the fit. Not only will you get your monies worth in the long run but you’ll see your clothes last longer. Remember to use your fashion voice wisely by making purchases that scream quality over quantity.