THE WINE SPY: Auntfield Long Cow Sauvignon Blanc

By Beacon Staff

Location: Alpine Market, 721 Wisconsin Avenue, Whitefish

Wine People: Karen, wine consultant, is a foodie, actually a cheesy foodie, with a great palette.

Physical Coordinates: Buy gas, walk in to pay, turn left, wine stacks on your left.

Appearance: Alpine offers the basic needs of life: gas, magazines, PBR, corn dogs, exotic cheeses and about 1,000 wines.

Target Wine: Auntfield Long Cow Sauvignon Blanc

Suggested retail: $12.99

MLW Price: $12.99

This wine is what the Wine Spy is all about. The secret wines of the trade, the wines we buy when no one it looking. It doesn’t need a rating and it doesn’t need a discount to be a wine we think you should go find right now. First, your nose is filled with a giant fruit bowl of papaya, mango, kiwi, passion fruit and pears. It’s the kind of wine you forget to drink and spend the whole party happily just smelling. It’s all big flavor, clean texture and beautiful finish. In Karen’s words: ”you’d be crazy not to like it.”

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