LETTER: Being Ruled by Fear

By Beacon Staff

What does it take for us to inspire those in power, those who actually make the laws and set policy, to not only wake up to America’s needs but take proper and decisive action?

Look at climate control. Look at carbon emissions. Look at health care for all as a “right” and not a “privilege.” Look at educating our young people about life. Look at family break-ups, anger, despair and suicides. Look at our nations infrastructure. Look at loss of American lives and tremendous expenditures of money to keep wars alive and thriving. Look at the bailouts of financial institutions that have been poorly run for years at the expense of hard working Americans. Look at the overt resistance to any sort of sensible gun control. Look at our deteriorating standing in the world community because of selfish and bullying tactics. Look at the glorification of sex and violence spewed out hour after hour on TV in the name of entertainment.

Tired of looking? I write many letters to the editor, as many of you know. Do you know why I continue writing letters to the editor? I do it because I have found this a great way for me to focus my mind about things, to get straight within my own mind, and in the process to possibly influence others thinking. I realize how contemplating these things, in writing, have helped me over the years and just perhaps some of these reflections might help someone else. People do read “letters to the editor.” The media is powerful, and I enjoy and benefits from doing this.

I do not attack others. I simply attempt to point out another way of looking at things. We are all free to think whatever we think and speak whatever we speak. What we should not be free to do is attack others just because they don’t think the same way we do. That habit-thinking has put this world right where it is today, in chaos, confusion, war, strife, with very poor distribution of wealth, and ruled by fear.

There is a better way.
Bob McClellan

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