BEER MEISTER: Ayinger’s Celebrator

By Beacon Staff

We know there are a few beer drinkers in the valley and thought we’d be remiss if we didn’t review some upscale beers occasionally. So, the first Wednesday of each month, our very own Beer Meister will be on the job.

So we’ve picked a seasonal dark beer to celebrate the harvest, which is also an ideal match with the tenderloin in wine sauce.

Ayinger’s Celebrator is a doppelbock from Aying Germany that is considered the gold standard of its variety.

Layman’s Review: A dark amber color with a nice head is the first thing I took in. A smoky nose, this beer is dark but not heavy. A nice match for game, for the hunters in the bunch. Chocolate undertones would make this a nice after-dinner beer. Well worth the experience.

Expert’s Review: Ayinger’s Doppelbock is a full-bodied and velvety beer wonderfully balanced between the various malts, alcohol, and subtle hops. A complex fruitiness of floral hops and roasted malt are married with a faint smokiness adding to this profoundly complex brew.

Rating: It scored a perfect 100 in both RATEBEER and BEERPAL forums.

Priced: $3.69-$3.85 per bottle or $14.29 for a six pack

Available at: Mountain Valley Foods, Markus Foods, and The Coffee Cellar.