Post Slide Show Features a Missoula Native

By Beacon Staff

Friday’s, Nov. 20, lead story on The Washington Post Web site featured a slide show show shot in Missoula by Post photographer Linda Davidson. The images from “Recession Legacy: Returning home after college” are of Missoula native Melissa Meyer who, after graduating Suma Cum Laude from George Washington University, moved home to live with her parents. The images are nice and the story is the usual one about taking time after college to figure things out and not being able to find a job during the recession even though one has a quality resume.

What surprises me is that the Post was willing to fund sending a photographer to Missoula. I have many friends who are professional photogs – sure, some of them may be living with their parents in Missoula as well – who really could have used the freelance and it could have saved the paper a few bucks in the process.

Check out the slide show on The Washington Post Web site.