Wardens Investigating Illegal Wildlife Shootings

By Beacon Staff

MISSOULA – State game wardens believe poachers may be to blame for a string of cases involving rotting carcasses reported in the Missoula area.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Captain Jeff Darrah says the latest example is a cow moose that was shot this week and its carcass abandoned southeast of Missoula. He says the cow had a calf that will not likely survive the winter.

Last week, hunters left three spike elk carcasses to rot in a private field south of Hall. Darrah says the elk were probably shot from the road in a flagrant act of disregard for laws and animal life.

Darrah also says his office has received several reports of people in Missoula killing buck deer inside city limits. He says poachers are using crossbows, archery equipment or small caliber rifles to shoot deer in yards and parks.