BEER MEISTER: Framboise Lambic

By Beacon Staff

Lindeman’s Raspberry Lambic is a unique beer that comes from Senne Valley in Belgium from small farms growing hops, barley and wheat. This fruit Lambic is a great alternative for people who say they don’t like beer. People usually ask, “Is this beer?”

This raspberry malt makes a nice breather after a big Thanksgiving dinner. This beer would pair well with any seafood dish with its light fruity flavor and gorgeous color in the glass. Caution: the cork is hard to remove!

Layman’s Review: Beautiful bottle and corked! Fruity, bubbly and absolutely delicious. The initial taste reminded me of nice fresh glass of cranberry juice. For those not usually into beer, the Framboise Lamic is a possible revelation.

Expert’s Review: The nose smells like the fresh raspberries used to make it. The taste is not as sweet as the scent, it’s actually more tart than sweet, rich and dense with the slightest hint of hops and wheat on the end. Amazing how it changes from sweet, tart and sour with each sip. It is very bubbly, almost like a sparkling wine. Lindeman’s Framboise is simply delicious and an experience to behold. Serve it in a wine glass!

Priced: $6.99-$7.65 for 355ml bottle and $10.99-$12.19 for a 750ml bottle

Available at: Alpine Market, The Coffee Cellar, Markus Foods, and Mountain Valley Foods.

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