LETTER: What if Republicans Are Wrong?

By Beacon Staff

When I try to convince Republicans that global warming is a very real threat to the future of mankind they go ballistic with the notion that it is a Democratic hoax being perpetuated on the world. After all, Rush Limbaugh and their local newspaper told them so.

When I point out that, if they are wrong, their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will suffer the consequences of their apathy, they simply do not care. Erring on the side of caution and reducing carbon emissions, just in case, does not seem to be a viable alternative to Republicans. If global warming prevention does not make them any money right now it is of no value to them and the concept should be discarded.

Since I do not have any children, or any other relatives, I ask myself why care about saving this world for the progeny of Republicans if they don’t care? Why not just give up and leave it to them as to whether or not they take any action to save the world from global warming?

My previous attempts at getting my op-eds published on the subject of global warming go begging. The majority of publications in the local newspapers’ opinion pages promote the idea that global warming is a hoax. Perhaps this op-ed submittal of mine will make it into print, since I am waving a white flag. I am tired of trying to save Republicans’ descendents against their will. I quit!
Bill Baum
Hungry Horse

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