VIDEO: Montana Attorney General Testifies on Campaign Finance Ruling

By Beacon Staff

Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock testified before a U.S. Senate panel Tuesday in response to a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that may overturn the state’s century-old campaign-finance law that limits corporate spending on elections. Much of his testimony focused on the impact the Citizens United case could have on state races, which, in Montana, are relatively inexpensive. From the attorney general’s office:

Bullock testified that political campaigns in Montana are small, low-dollar affairs, which make them even more susceptible to corruption from the open flow of corporate dollars. In 2008, Montana state senators won spending an average of $17,000, while victorious U.S. Senate campaigns spent an average of $8.5 million.

“In Montana, we have ensured that the voices of our candidates, and those who support and vote for them, are not displaced by the corporation treasuries,” Bullock added. “The Supreme Court has challenged all of us to find new ways to keep those voices heard. I look forward to working with our legislature and Congress in doing so.”

Here’s a video of Bullock’s testimony: