By Beacon Staff

Congressman Denny Rehberg had a good week after a Federal Election Commission report showed his campaign coffers dwarf his challengers’. Meanwhile, Amtrak reported fewer Montana riders in 2009.

NEW ORLEANS – With Mardi Gras about to begin and a Super Bowl championship team, one of America’s great cities seems poised for resurgence.
JON TESTER – The Montana Democratic senator announced changes to his bill to increase logging and wilderness aimed at accommodating those concerned with ensuring timber harvests occur.
DENNY REHBERG – As of the end of last year, the Republican incumbent has $738,000 in his campaign fund, dwarfing the coffers of his Republican and Democratic challengers.
LEE STURDEVANT – This Kalispell man is re-offering taxi service in Whitefish and Kalispell.

KALISPELL AIRPORT – The prolonged debate over possible improvements at the city airport is exemplary in its cooperation between concerned citizens and public officials, as well as its openness and careful deliberation by city council. But one has to wonder if this single issue is taking up too much time and attention from other concerns in still cash-strapped Kalispell.

WHITEFISH BUDGET – Following four layoffs and multiple cutbacks, it’s unclear whether Stumptown can finish the fiscal year with a positive cash balance.
HUNTING OUTFITTERS – A new initiative, I-161, would do away with outfitters’ guaranteed license supply for nonresident hunters, a key source of revenue that could decimate the business if lost.
AMTRAK – According to a recent report, 16,532 fewer people got on or off a train in Montana in 2009 than the previous year, even as rail travel increases nationally.
TOYOTA – Things are going from bad to worse for the Japanese automaker as it recalls 300,000 Priuses.