LETTER: Don’t Give Group Publicity it Seeks

By Beacon Staff

Shame on the Beacon for making the Nazi film showing front page news (May 5 Beacon: “Nazi Films Inflame Tensions in Kalispell”). And shame on the Kalispell library for making the decision to show the film.

It’s clear that Karl Gharst is running low on “new members” to add to his Neo-Nazi group from Hayden, Idaho. We all have the right to free speech. But we also have the obligation not to hurt others in doing so. Somewhere along the way, Mr. Gharst has lost his way and is confused. He is misinformed about a period in history that he is far too young to have lived through. And his idols are misguided and inaccurate to say the least.

Therefore, I to all the protesters: Stay home. Don’t march to Mr. Gharst’s beat. He is looking for publicity and new members. And to all those families who truly suffered during the Holocaust, I am sorry for the lack of sensitivity that Mr. Gharst has demonstrated.

To Mr. Gharst, I say: Go home. Your day of judgment isn’t with the people of the Flathead Valley. It’s in the hands of Our Maker.

Sincerely, one disappointed white German.
Chris Petersen

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