LETTER: Ignoring the Problem Solves Nothing

By Beacon Staff

First, I have lived in Germany and have no animosity against the German people.

Those like Karl Gharst need to be confronted. Ignoring the problem solves nothing. That is simply the “it can’t happen here” mindset that was prevalent in World War II Germany and around the world. Perhaps Gharst needs to be informed that Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany and much of Europe. Perhaps a review of the testimony of Adolph Eichmann is in order.

As far as not letting “your juvenile children” attend a protest (May 12 Beacon: “Don’t Give Group Publicity it Seeks)”, if your child is an adolescent they should see it. We all try to isolate our children from the evils of the world, but they should know that evil exists to combat its repetition.


Kenneth Smith

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