Police Blotter

Flathead County Sheriff’s and Kalispell Police Reports

Midnight Marauders and a Bat in a Box

By Christie Burns

Sunday 8/1

12:09 am A property manager reported that he had just successfully ran off five kids who were trying to break into vehicles. They escaped in a little red pickup with a busted pink tail light.

12:43 am A woman called in from Kalispell claiming her boyfriend hit her in the face.

12:55 am Four young people were seen peeking in the windows of both vehicles and homes on Carnegie and Empire Loop.

12:51 am A resident of Kirsten Drive called in to complain that their new neighbors were too loud. It was reported that during the process of their move the neighbors not only talked, they also turned lights on and drove a diesel truck with a trailer back and forth.

3:14 am People were seen running on the rooftops near Main Sreet and Third Street in Kalispell.

4:21 am A resident of Rosewood Drive called in to report a group of kids who were screaming near the tennis courts. They were told to go home.

4:57 am A Kalispell man called in to explain that someone needed to tell the owners of a barking dog to make it stop or there is “going to be a war.” The dog owner was advised.

7:54 am Some stuff was stolen from a car on Empire Loop.

9:22 am Another call came in regarding a stolen wallet from a vehicle on Empire Loop.

9:54 am A Kalispell resident found a bat in a box behind Lucky Lil’s. The caller explained that the bat wasn’t acting right. The situation was handled by professionals.

11:00 am A woman called in to report that three dogs knocked her husband off his bike.

11:27 am A man was arrested after assaulting his wife.

5:39 pm Someone vandalized a pump house off Highway 35 in Kalispell.

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