Bears Track the Way Back Home After Relocation

By Beacon Staff

Wildlife officials say two grizzly bears found their way back to the Whitefish Range after being relocated to the Cabinet Mountains.

Wayne Kasworm, a biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, says he was amazed that both took fairly direct routes back to the Whitefish Range.

Kasworm says a 4-year-old female captured on July 25 covered about 73 miles in seven days.

While wildlife officials were tracking that bear’s radio collar, they picked up the signal of another bear that had been relocated to the Cabinets in September but was now five miles northeast of the Big Mountain.

Information downloaded from that 10-year-old bear’s collar showed it had covered 60 miles in six days.

Kasworm says there will be no attempt to recapture the bears.

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