LETTER: Motocross Proposal is Selfish

By Beacon Staff

In response to Larry Parsons (Aug. 18 Beacon: “Motocross Track Would Benefit Community”), I also say be a good neighbor. Do not build a motocross track on your highest ground when you have dips and depressions in which to build it to try to lessen the noise. Do not ask to race from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends when hardworking neighbors may want to sleep in or relax on their decks in the evening.

Selfish? Do not tell the West Valley Land Use Committee they owe you a permit because your grandfather donated some land years ago. You say you have the right to do whatever you want with your land. Well, we have exactly the same right to peace and quiet on ours. The attitude of the track developers has been that they can do whatever they want and surrounding residents have to live with it. Seems clear to me which side is selfish.

Making sacrifices? The track developers are taking an unused dairy and turning it into a money-making commercial operation. Do you see a sacrifice here? The surrounding residents are being asked to live with loud, repetitive noise for very long periods of time, more and longer concentrations of dust than any farm equipment produces and more traffic.

This all seems very one-sided to me. Parsons might want to take his own advice, become a better person and sacrifice to donate land away from established homes to build a motocross track for the enjoyment of the whole community.

Nancy Rorex

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