LETTER: Expect More Smears Against Tea Party

By Beacon Staff

I have read, with much amusement, the most recent attempts to vilify the Tea Party Movement and Conservatives in general. Maybe it’s time we take an honest look at what makes up a Conservative.

First, Conservatives do not believe in bartering our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren into indentured slavery in order to fund a government that has grown into an all-consuming entity. Conservatives can balance a checkbook. Unlike our current leaders, Conservatives can create a budget and live within that budget.

Second, Conservatives can make an agreement and can honor it years later. Our senior citizens agreed to and adopted a plan called Social Security. For decades they faithfully paid into this fund expecting that the government would uphold its part of the bargain. Instead, our government officials embezzled those funds, “borrowing” and spending that money on pet projects or giving that money away to others who never contributed. Now, in an effort to scare voters away from conservative candidates, we are told that Conservatives want to do away with Social Security, or raise the retirement age to 70 years. Ask yourself these questions: Who bankrupted the trust fund? Who has raised the retirement age from 60 to 62, to 65, to 67? Who has given the proceeds from all those decades of contributions to illegal aliens? Conservatives believe in honoring our senior citizens and honoring our pledge to them!

Finally, Conservatives do not believe that our government has the right to dictate to the citizens what they can say, what they should believe, or what they should be taught. The government has no right to muzzle us and we are finally standing up and saying, “Enough is enough!”

If you doubt that the establishment, Democrat, Republican and their cheering section, The Associated Press, is afraid of the Conservative movement, just watch and see what the major news networks consider as news worthy in the next few months, i.e. CNN: “O’Donnell Tried Witchcraft”; ABC: “The Gloves Are Off: Murkowski Declares Write-in Bid”; The Associated Press: “Tea Party Mired in Anti-gay Rhetoric.” Until election day, expect a lot more!

Richard Funk

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