Local Hunter Finalist in National Contest

By Beacon Staff

Hello, Flathead Valley, I hope you’re all staying warm in this chilly weather.

If you’re out and about in the woods, keep an eye out for Angie Haas-Tennison, hunter extraordinaire and top-10 finalist for Primal Adventure’s “Extreme Huntress Contest.”

To win, Angie will need to earn the most votes online. Here’s a bit of info on the contest:

The finalist with the most votes by Dec 31, 2010 will win an amazing trip to hunt Tahr, Chamois, and Red Stag in New Zealand.The hunt will be filmed for future episode of Primal Adventures with Tom Opre. To top it off, the new Extreme Huntress will be fully outfitted with the extreme gear needed for the hunt by contest sponsors.

Courtesy photo.

And here’s a little bit about the hunter herself:

I was born and raised in Northwestern Montana and have enjoyed being in the outdoors and hunting with my family every single year of my life. In my household Thanksgiving is most anticipated holiday because it represents the final week of hunting season and we always save our vacation time from work to take this final week off in an aggresive final push to harvest our animals. Every single part of my life is affected by my love of hunting. Even my wedding was planned so that it wouldn’t interfere with opening weekend of archery season.

I especially like this part, having come from a family with lots of girls and a hunting tradition:

Over the years I have been asked dozens of times if I really hunt all alone, and the answer is YES! I have hunted and taken game while hunting solo, but I enjoy hunting and making memories with my family. My sister Mickey, has been my life long hunting partner and we make an excellent team. Actually it is quite fun to see the expression on the faces of fellow male hunters when we run into them while together in the woods. I feel that any women who is truly dedicated and passionate towards hunting can hunt as well or better than any man.

She’s got my vote; if you want to give her your vote, click here. Her name is listed as Angie Haas.

Stay warm!

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