Video Pitching to Investors

By Beacon Staff

I have written a lot recently about entrepreneurs’ business plans. Here is an article on the various forms of business plans and when to use them and another on the content of business plans. But, as Richard Perry recently pointed out, I have not discussed video pitches. OK … here goes!

Video pitches are elevator pitches designed to peak investor interest remotely – a two-minute video presentation of a business plan for investors. As David Rose points out, video pitches are for us lazy investors. We just sit back and let you give us a brief introduction to your company and why we should invest. And, we don’t just want to hear just about your product or technology. I know it’s a challenge, but you must tell us all about the business and the opportunity…in only two minutes. What should be included? See the description of elevator pitches in the content of business plans.

So…what tools are available for entrepreneurs to create their video pitches? David Rose does a masterful job of describing them in his blog.

And, pay attention to Brad Feld’s comments in Show, Don’t Tell. Take advantage of this wonderful media. Use your video to show us your products or other aspects of your business, just as Glenn Beck uses visual aids on Fox News.

Video pitches have become important arrows in entrepreneurs’ quivers. But, investors will not write checks after viewing your video. Pitches are used by entrepreneurs to generate investor interest and create opportunities for you to present your full plan to them.

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