New Workshop Based on Basil Peters’ Book, ‘Early Exits’

By Beacon Staff

Basil Peters is acknowledged as the first to recognize and document the importance of an early exit strategy to entrepreneurs and early stage investors alike. In the past few months, Basil and I have developed a half-day workshop, which has now been delivered on several occasions and is ready for your community.

Here is an outline of the program:

• The instructor first describes important changes in the past decade to the entrepreneurial environment and capital food chain for startup ventures, and how these changes significantly impact returns to entrepreneurs and their startup investors.

• The workshop continues with discussions of the critical strategies that investors and entrepreneurs must adopt at the outset of the startup venture to successfully execute an early exit.

• Finally, the workshop describes the exits process, giving the audience a checklist and timeline for optimizing return on investment through the implementation of an early exit.

• The accompanying workbook provides participants with valuable take-home resources, templates and guidelines.
While based on Basil Peters’ book, “Early Exits”, the workshop recognizes the important contributions made to this topic by Jon Fisher in Strategic Entrepreneurship, Tom McKaskill in Ultimate Exits and the extensive work done in the field by John Huston and his group, the Ohio TechAngels.

For information on bringing this workshop to your community, please contact Basil Peters at or Bill Payne at

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