A Brief ‘Year in Photos’ Roundup

By Beacon Staff

To close out 2010, here is a brief – by no means comprehensive – roundup of some of this year’s best of 2010 in photography galleries. If there are other websites I have missed, please post them in the comments section or feel free to e-mail me a link.

The New York Time’s 2010: The Year in Pictures – The NYT went big this year. Browsing more than 90 images pulls the viewer through the entire year in chronological order. Beautiful pictures, wonderful interface and at the end – three links to three more (although much smaller) galleries. Check out more memorable moments in the Sports, Arts and Metropolitan galleries.

The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture 2010 in Photos – The Globe broke up its year in pictures into three galleries released over consecutive days. I have linked to part one, but be sure to check out the other two posts as well.

Time Magazine Pictures of the Year 2010

The Wall Street Journal Year in Photos 2010 – Here’s another gallery that utilizes a time line and adds a map to follow along as you browse images. I really liked the idea of the map, but found it clunky. On both my 15-inch laptop screen and 22-inch monitor I had to scroll down to see each image and back up to see the map. But any small annoyance is overpowered by the stunning images.

MSNBC The Year in Pictures – MSNBC’s “best of” photo gallery is one of my favorite weekly traditions, so cruising through its picks for photos of the year is always a treat. It also has a Year in Sports Pictures 2010 worth browsing.

And, of course, check out the Beacon’s The Year in Images for your fix of local photographs from 2010.