Interview on The Frank Peters Show

By Beacon Staff

I was recently interviewed on The Frank Peters Show. We discussed my five-month visit to New Zealand during the first half of 2010 and the new workshop I developed since returning entitled Valuation of Early Stage Companies. Frank drills down on many valuation issues important to entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Here is Frank’s lead to the 45 minute podcast:

“Feel like you’re paying too much for your deals? According to Bill Payne, you may be, depending on where you live.

Bill’s back from his 6 month sabbatical to New Zealand and you can tell he’s invigorated. He’s developed a new workshop for the Angel Capital Education Foundation that features three ways to calculate the all-important pre-money valuation for early-stage deals.

Do medical device deals command higher valuations? Is it because of the competence of the management team? And what role does intellectual property have in these formulas? Or is everything an execution play these days?”

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