PLACES: Blacktail Nordic Trails

By Beacon Staff

The cross country skiing trail network on Blacktail Mountain is getting better and better, thanks to the hard work of the North Shore Nordic Club. On a recent weekend I spent a very pleasant two hours skiing along the Blacktail Glide trail, then hanging a right on the Alpine Loop trail, and finished by coming down the Tele Descent trail.

At intervals, the snow fell gently upon the well-groomed trails, with a nicely defined track: excellent conditions for someone like me, who is no expert. The trail climbs gradually out of the main parking lot, and the bottom of the Tele Descent deposited me about 50 yards from where I parked. If the Tele Descent proves a bit steep, you can always take the Alpine Loop all the way back to the road.

Distances and junctions were well marked, but it’s worth printing out a map of the trails from the website of the club, at http://northshorenordic.org/. As with any outdoor excursion, bring water, some food, and other equipment, like a flashlight, in case you get turned around.

Donations are appreciated as well. And a pint of the Old Somers Logger lager from the Tamarack Brewing Company on the way home serves as a perfect way to congratulate yourself on your cardio workout.

How to get there: Head up Blacktail Road in Lakeside several miles until you see the obvious trailheads and parking areas on the left side of the road.