LETTER: GOP is Focused on Creating Jobs

By Beacon Staff

We are halfway through the 2011 legislative session. As a member of the Republican leadership I can tell you we are focused on creating private sector job opportunities for the citizens of Montana. It troubles me when I hear of another friend leaving for North Dakota to find employment. We have the natural resources, energy potential and ingenuity to return Montana to its history as the Treasure State.

The Republicans in the 2011 legislature will create opportunity by:

• Growing jobs and the economy

• Facilitating responsible resource development

• Delivering educational excellence

• Limiting the size and scope of government

• Restoring individual freedoms.

Promoting jobs in the private sector and balancing the budget without raising taxes, will continue to be the Republican majority’s priority issues. The Democrats’ and the Governor’s goals is to split the Republican caucus and stop our job promoting agenda. With your help the Republicans will prevail and bring our friends home to jobs in Montana.

Sen. Bruce Tutvedt, Kalispell
Chair of Senate Tax
President Pro Tempore