Stats From the School Levy Fail

By Beacon Staff

The building reserve levy for School District 5 in Kalispell failed miserably Tuesday. The unofficial results show that 2,975 people voted in favor of the levy and 4,630 against, or 39 percent to 61 percent, a margin wide enough that school officials may think twice before proposing at again any time soon.

The levy, which pays to maintain Kalispell’s schools and support facilities, had been approved every time it had been on the ballot since 1982. But in 2009, the levy narrowly failed 48 to 52 percent. And this week’s results affirmed that the vote was no fluke.

In fact, not one district reported more yeas than nays. Here are the unofficial results from each:

Expo Building – FHS District: 1,837 Yes, 2,178 No
West Valley: 192 Yes, 331 No
Deer Park: 27 Yes, 96 No
Fair-Mont-Egan: 61 Yes, 154 No
Creston: 75 Yes, 114 No
Cayuse Prairie: 125 Yes, 237 No
Helena Flats: 74 Yes, 155 No
Kila: 51 Yes, 157 No
Pleasant Valley: 1 Yes, 13 No
Somers: 146 Yes, 290 No
Lakeside: 120 Yes, 242 No
Evergreen: 177 Yes, 401 No
Marion: 34 Yes, 124 No
Bissell: 9 Yes, 20 No
Smith Valley: 46 Yes, 118 No
Total: 2,975 Yes, 4,630 No

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