Morning Melodies at Montana Coffee Traders

By Beacon Staff

After a two-year hiatus, Morning Melodies is back at Montana Coffee Traders in Whitefish.

Every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., Hilary Shaw leads kids and parents in an hour of singing and a bit of dance. The program catered toward children from babies to 5-year-olds and their families.

“Babies and toddlers need play time, but so do mommies and daddies,” said Shaw. “We sing the old standards. ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus’ are still favorites.”

Shaw says parents should come ready to interact with their children. In fact, the hour is centered on quality interaction between kids with other kids and kids with adults. Singing (and sometimes dancing a bit) as a group urges the kids to participate, even when they are at first a bit shy.

“She sings the songs all week long,” said babysitter Carrie Austin, who brings Clare Ciganek, 1, most weeks. And other say their kids would intuitively know when it was Wednesday and time to sing.

Adults who are regulars at Morning Melodies say it’s a great time to catch up with other parents as well.

“You get to know the fellow kids and their parents,” said Austin.

And only being an hour, it’s a great way to begin tackling the day.

How to get there: Montana Coffee Traders is located on Central Avenue, downtown Whitefish.