LETTER: Save Alternative Schools

By Beacon Staff

As a parent and substitute teacher of alternative high schools, I strongly urge our local school boards not to eliminate these schools. I know that we are facing dire budget deficits in the coming school year. If we eliminate alternative high schools, our school dropout rates will soar. If they don’t have the alternative school, these students do not have any choice except to drop out and hopefully get their GED. We need to give these students every opportunity to reach their goal of a high school diploma.

I enjoy teaching in these schools because these students have such great attitudes. They are well-behaved, show respect and stay on task. They know that being there is a privilege and will suffer the consequences if they don’t meet their requirements. The alternative setting to the traditional high school gives them the confidence and knowledge to graduate and know that they can continue in life to become whoever they aspire. We will have to make sacrifices in many departments to balance the budget, but please do not eliminate the alternative schools. These schools really make all the difference in these students’ lives.

Mary Vail

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