LETTER: Giving Polluters the Green Light

By Beacon Staff

I was extremely disappointed to see Congressman Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., sponsor legislation to block enforcement of the Clean Air Act, a law that has helped keep our state clean and healthy. He voted to give polluters the green light to continue pouring pollutants, including greenhouse gases, into the air we all share.

Just as massive federal debt is a burden passed onto future generations, the unchecked spewing of greenhouse gases creates an environmental debt that our great-grandchildren will inherit. Rehberg’s “gift” to them will include more strange and extreme weather events, including intense drought and wildfires, severe flooding, scorching summers, and growing threats to our clean water, agriculture and outdoor heritage.

I’m weary of elected officials like Rehberg who are focused on immediate gratification and too willing to ignore future costs. While I’m thankful that President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner ditched the harmful Clean Air Act amendment, it will probably come back under a different guise. We’d do well to help Rehberg retire and limit the damage he can inflict on our beautiful state.

Steve Thompson

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