Baucus: Time for ‘Change of Course in Afghanistan’

By Beacon Staff

Montana Sen. Max Baucus surprised some of his colleagues Wednesday by calling President Barack Obama’s combat troop drawdown plan “too slow” and saying that it’s time for a “change of course in Afghanistan.”

Baucus, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said that “bin Laden’s death provides an opportunity for Congress and the White House to assess a new strategy for keeping America safe and defending our interests around the world.” From Fox News:

Baucus recommended two other changes to current U.S. policy, beyond the withdrawal of troops: a renewed “focus on fighting terror not nation building” and and a focus, as well, “on where most terrorist threats come from – Pakistan.”

“Our military could do almost anything we ask it to do, but it can’t do everything, ” Baucus said. “To meet the growing challenges around the world, we need to start bringing our troops home from Afghanistan this July and complete the withdrawal by the end of next year.”

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